The aim of the Digital Government Security Forum (DGFS) is to bring together senior individuals from across government and the wider public sector to:

  • Move beyond the rhetoric and explore the cyber risks confronting government and the public services, including the risks associated with key government policies.
  • Share case studies of how technology has been used to solve strategic security issues.
  • Share practical guidance on managing and mitigating information and cyber security risks.

The DGSF is a membership organisation led by a Steering Group of senior professionals working in government and the wider public services. This Steering Group, representing independent third party organisations helps  to guide the development of the Forum and quality assure its work.

The DGSF is an independent Forum. It is not endorsed or funded by the UK Government, and is not connected to the Government Digital Service.

Discussion Forum

The latest DGSF Report on the Future of Information Security is published as a ‘discussion draft’.

We would like to hear your views on the issues raised, please email your comments, additional ideas and feedback to: or sign in and submit your comments.

Comments are shown under the Chapter headings used in the Report.

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