The ‘Future of Information Security’

The DGSF is hosting a small Dinner and Roundtable event to discuss our latest report on the Future of Information Security. We will be considering

Dinner and Roundtable Discussion

The DGSF recently hosted a Dinner and Roundtable discussion on Combatting Cyber Extortion. The Roundtable included input from Marcus Viertel, who is Intel Security’s European expert on ransomware and crypto-malware, together with other specialist contributions.

Cyber Security in Healthcare – UK Health Show

27th September – Olympia London Cyber Security in Healthcare Healthcare is about people, with patients at the centre of often complex and multiple care related relationships and processes. Technology provides us with the opportunity to make this care more personalised, more efficient and more reflective of individual needs. But this will only work if patients, clinicians and everyone involved have trust and confidence in the technology used and the information

Cyber Tech Forum for UK Public Sector

Join this free-of-charge breakfast event to gain the latest insights into some of the current major cyber threats to the UK and the National Crime Agency will update us on the cyber threat and current challenges . It will also highlight some of the actions you can take to mitigate the threat to Public Sector organisations. This Event is being offered by Intel Security, which is a DGSF sponsor. Agenda*:

Intel Security Summit 2015

All DGSF members have a free invitation to the Intel Security Summit on 18th November 2015 in London. The latest DGSF Report entitled ‘the Future of Information Security’ will be formally launched at the Summit, as part of an impressive programme of presentations.   This event has been designed to equip attendees with ideas and information on how to keep digital assets and data safe from internal and external threats. You

The Future of Information & Cyber Security – Adapting to the Changing Environment

How are Information & Cyber Security challenges changing? In this Forum Event we will look at the issues from three very different perspectives. This will include drawing on recent research findings by Chatham House, Intel Security, Europol and the DGSF. What the implications for your organisation?

Post General Election Review: 17th June

Post General Election Review: How will Public Sector ICT Plans Change and what are the Security Implications? Lunch and Roundtable Discussion Date:  Wednesday, 17th June Venue: Central London  Time:  12.15 for 12.30, to finish by 2.45pm   The DGSF is hosting a small Lunch and Roundtable discussion on Wednesday, 17th June to consider how Public Sector ICT Plans will change as a result of Election and the implications for information security. 

Adapting and Evolving

This very successful Event was held at Bletchley Park on 17th March: The presentation and papers are available for DGSF Members to download

Future Thinking: Roundtable Discussion

Future Thinking:  How will public sector organisations of the future operate and what are the security implications? Dinner and Roundtable Discussion Date: Thursday 4th December The aim of this Roundtable discussion was to ‘look forward’ to consider how government and the wider public might change in the future and the implications for information security.  It explored The likely impact of continuing austerity, coupled with changes in technology and changing citizen

Councils’ Conundrum

A leading local government ICT director told delegates that he feared the public sector was not getting the balance right in terms of security and openness. Security considerations were often not based on appropriate risk assessments, he suggested. Public servants had to remember that their role was to achieve outcomes for citizens. Instead, ‘no’ had become the default option, creating a barrier to service improvement and to open government. ‘Sometimes

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