National Cyber Security Centre begins Operations

The new National Cyber Security Centre began its first day of operations on Monday 3rd October.  In a speech by Ciaran Martin, the new NCSC Chief Executive, at a Cyber Security Summit in Washington DC in September, he set...

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NCSC will be operational from October 2016

Matt Hancock, the Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General, has confirmed that the new the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) announced by the Chancellor in November will open its doors in October 2016.  Ciaran Martin, currently Director...

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Fighting Fraud and Corruption in local government

Fraud costs local authorities an estimated £2.1bn a year, which could be recouped in part by making better use of information and technology says a new strategy launched by Marcus Jones MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State and DCLG...

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Managing Risk

Public sector bodies are notoriously risk averse but seem willing to accept huge amounts of ‘red’ risks in their risk registers, especially relating to technology. When I look at some of these registers, I am left thinking – if...

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Can we learn from the Rio and Tokyo Olympics?

Every four years the Olympics provides a focus for technological innovation with host cities, competitors and broadcasters all trying to harness the latest innovations to improve performance and get the best from the Games. Rio 2016 has been no...

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Are you still relying on Legacy Systems?

The US Department of Defence recently admitted that the Strategic Automated Command and Control System that co-ordinates intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear bombers and tanker support aircraft still runs on a 1970s computer system and uses eight-inch floppy disks. ...

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Securing the Future

There was a capacity audience for the most recent DGSF Forum Event looking at ‘Securing the Future’.  It included updates on the new ‘National Cyber Security Centre’ and ‘Responding to the Next generation of Cyber Threats’, together with a case study from...

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Dinner and Roundtable Discussion

The DGSF is hosting a Dinner and Roundtable discussion on Tuesday, 10th May 2016 to discuss Combatting Cyber Extortion. The Roundtable discussion will include input from Marcus Viertel, who is Intel Security’s European expert on ransomware and crypto-malware,...

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Securing ‘smart’ Infrastructure

Securing ‘smart’ Infrastructure - The Internet of Things is revolutionising the world around us, connecting everything from heart rate monitors to nuclear power stations, but in many cases security is lagging behind the development and expansion of functionality. As...

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