Digital Minister shares ideas on new Digital Charter

Matt Hancock, Minister for Digital, DCMS addressed the Opening Ceremony for Singapore international Cyber Week He talked about Addressing the Global Cyber Challenge and shared more information about the UK’s new Digital Charter, which was announced in the Queen’s Speech. Tech industries...

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CIPFA flags up concerns over cloud security

In its report Accounting for the Cloud the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) says that concerns over cloud security may be slowing the take up of cloud services. It notes concerns about using the cloud usually revolve around...

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Academic Centres of Excellence Confirmed

Ben Gummer, Minister for the Cabinet Office, has confirmed the 14 Academic Centres of Excellence that will specialise in developing the latest cyber security techniques and contribute to the UK’s increased knowledge and cyber capabilities. The selected universities are:...

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Managing Risk

Public sector bodies are notoriously risk averse but seem willing to accept huge amounts of ‘red’ risks in their risk registers, especially relating to technology. When I look at some of these registers, I am left thinking – if...

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‘Future thinking’ – anticipating and preparing for technological change

There was a time when technology was really expensive and only governments could afford to purchase and use the latest gadgets, but those days have long gone. The consumerisation of technology has...

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Do you know about GDPR?

Do you know about GDPR? If you don’t then read on – but be warned, it involves data protection, the EU and regulation, which is probably why you have avoided reading about it in the past. Let’s start with...

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The ‘Future of Information Security’

The DGSF is hosting a small Dinner and Roundtable event to discuss our latest report on the Future of Information Security. We will be considering

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Dinner and Roundtable Discussion

The DGSF recently hosted a Dinner and Roundtable discussion on Combatting Cyber Extortion. The Roundtable included input from Marcus Viertel, who is Intel Security’s European expert on ransomware and crypto-malware, together with other specialist contributions.

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Cyber Security in Healthcare – UK Health Show

27th September – Olympia London Cyber Security in Healthcare Healthcare is about people, with patients at the centre of often complex and multiple care related relationships and processes. Technology provides us with the opportunity to make this care more...

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